”We are always the favorites”

The coach of AEK, Jure Zdovc, gave an interview to aekbc.gr for the upcoming match on Wednesday(21/12) against Besiktas.

”We are always the favorites. I understand the question but I cannot accept that we are not. In any game we are the favorite and we must act like this. The defeat against Besiktas in the Olympic Stadium must be advantage for us to be more motivated. We know that it will not be easy.

Definitely a win in the game against Besiktas will get closer to the target but is not a final. I agree that Besiktas have some players with quality, but as I said before it’s on us. If we are focused, play hard, smart and to score some big shots, we will continue the wins in Champions League.

We have players who work hard in the training and they have to take their chances. It is very good for me to see how they react and very good for them to show me that they deserve. “