Nikola Ivanovic on

He was pictured only eleven months ago on the stands of OAKA watching the match AEK – Platanias!

Nikola Ivanovic being visitor then (August 22, 2015) in Athens, chose to see AEK, together with his friends and on June 14, 2016 it was meant to be: He agreed with AEK for the next three years. The Montenegrin international guard told

”I am very pleased that I became a member of AEK and I know in what a great club I’m coming in. When I was very young I played in big clubs and I know how big  the pressure is. I’ m sure I can handle it”.

”I enjoy playing picknroll and whatever comes out of those situations is making me feel good. I like to score and to give assist”.

About his presence at the game AEK – Platanias:“Yes I watched the game. I was in Greece for vacations. I love watching and playing football and whenever we have some time off  I’ ll go to the stadium for sure”!

About the warm welcome from the fans:‘’Ι would like to thank them all. I am aware that they are expecting a lot from new players. There is beauty in it and I’ ll do everything not to let them down’’