Greeting letter from Milano

The participation of AEK Athens in the first Final Four of Champions Cup (March 30 – April 1st 1966), was the occasion, which was celebrated with the proper respect, in the ”Queen’s” game against Kolossos Rhodes.

The board of AEK Athens B.C. had invited honorary the representatives of veteran opponents from the Final Four of Milano and Bologna. 

Their presence was not possible, however, the commemorative plaques were sent for the board of AEK Athens to Olimpia – Armani (former Simmenthal) Milano, the CSKA Moscow and the USK Prague (former Slavia Prague). The board of Olimpia Milano through the General Manager of the team, Flavio Portalouppi, retorted at 1/4/2016 with greeting letter to AEK stating:

”It’s a great pleasure for our organisation to be honoured for its part in the 1966 European Champions Cup Final Four. That was an historical achievement for our team, to be the first Italian club to win an international basketball trophy. For us everything really started that day, so we share something. We are extremely grateful for the tribute you paid to our history and we wish to applaud your initiative to remember the significance of that competition. In the end we wish AEK B.C. all the best for this season and the following ones”.