”Yes” from Efes and Ivkovic

The board of AEK Athens B.C. is preparing for the fiesta of 29th September.Anadolu Efes and Dušan Ivković responded immediately to the call of AEK Athens B.C. and Dragan Šakota and wil participate in the event.

Αnadolu Efes has won 32 trophies in Turkey and one in Europe (1996 Korac Cup). Also, Sakota and Ivkovic won the last four trophies of AEK. The first led the team to win the Championship in 2002 and the second in winning of the Saporta Cup (2000) and the Greek Cup (2000, 2001).

Furthermore, both of them won the World Championship in 1990 with the National team of Yugoslavia, as partners.