MARC CARTER: ”Coach Sakota knows”

Marc Carter gave an interview at aekbc.grThe interview:

-Marc, after Rethymno, Panionios and Paok it’s time to show your talent for AEK Athens. What are your first thoughts on the new page of your career;


”I’ m happy to be able to continue my career in a historic team that really wants to win. Every year I want to improve in every aspect of basketball and in focused on bringing that passion to the team. Ιhope to have a great year individually and team wise”.

-Last year you faced two times AEK Athens. What is your opinion about the team? To your new head coach Dragan Sakota?

”We’ ve had some very good games with AEK. Coach Sakota puts his player in position to make plays and be effective and seems very passionate about the game of basketball”.

-For the third consecutive year you will play in Greece, but also in the Eurocup. How important is it for a player?

”As a player it’s great to play throughout Europe, it’s better competition, more games which all players love to compete and to show Europe the kind of team and players you have represent the Greek League”.

-What do you expect from next season?


”I expect us to have a very competitive team in Greece, also in Europe. I expect to bring mentality to the team”.

-What was that and you say ”yes” to AEK Athens?


”I saw the good things that they wanted to build this last year and for the future and I want to have a chance to win and play in European Competition”.

-AEK’s owner is Mr. Makis Angelopoulos. Do you know something about him?

”Mr. Angelopoulos gave me a very nice welcome by phone after AEK Athens announced me into the team”.

-The preparations and workouts starts in 24 August. When will you come to Greece?

”I work very hard on my skills and conditioning in the off season and will be back ready for training at the end of August”.