From today (05/08) Dimitris Katsivelis is a member of AEK’s family.

The 24-year old guard stated in aekbc.gr:

“I am a fan of AEK Athens B.C. since I was a kid. My grandfather influenced me. For that reason being a player of AEK makes my joy and happiness bigger.

In any case, AEK is AEK. It is a given that there will be pressure since we are talking about a team that has ambitions of becoming again one of the top clubs in Greece and in Europe. The presence of Mr. Angelopoulos and coach Sakota was the main reason for my choice, alongside the opportunity of playing at a well-supported team like AEK.

I discussed with both of them and I was being informed about the goals of the team and the totally different role that I will have in my new team. Coach Sakota has his own history in basketball and that was an extra motive for me”