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“SCRATCH Luck in an instant” is the instant lottery brand of Hellenic Lotteries S.A., a company belonging to OPAP Group. The main differentiating element of the game is that players don’t wait for a draw to check if they have won; They can scratch and learn their potential winnings in an instant while having fun!Thus, all that players have to do is choose their favorite SCRATCH ticket and play the game instantly and quickly.


Other characteristic elements of SCRATCH are:


- High frequency of daily winners: 90.000 winning SCRATCH tickets per day
- Easy to participate: you scratch–you win. You don’t need to fill in a slip
- Wide variety of game themes in 4 different price points (from 1€ to 5€) and prizes (from 4.000€ to 500.000€).
- High payout of a rate of 69%


These elements make SCRATCH , the favorite game of players inside and outside of OPAP stores, since they can find SCRATCH at the streets sold by stickmen, at kiosks, supermarkets and selected retail spots.


Hellenic Lotteries S.A., a company of OPAP Group, has the exclusive right of producing, operating, circulating, promoting and managing State Lottery Tickets, including Instant Lottery “SCRATCH Luck in an instant”.


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